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The operational ozone total column products are generated using the algorithm GDP (GOME Data Processor) version 4.x integrated into the UPAS (Universal Processor for UV/VIS Atmospheric Spectrometers) processor for generating level 2 trace gas and cloud products.
The new improved DOAS-style (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) algorithm called GDOAS, was selected as the basis for GDP version 4.0 in the framework of an ESA ITT.
GDP 4.x performs a DOAS fit for ozone slant column and effective temperature followed by an iterative AMF/VCD computation using a single wavelength. The main improvements compared to GDP 3.0 are:
• Molecular Ring Correction parameterised [M. van Roozendael et al. (2006)]
• On-the-fly RTM simulations using LIDORT v3.3 [R. Spurr (2003)]
• Cloud Correction using OCRA and ROCINN v2.0 [D. Loyola et al. (2007)]
• Intra-Cloud, Sunglint and Snow/Ice Correction [D. Loyola et al. (2011)]
A description of the GDP 4.x algorithm and validation is given in the peer-review papers listed below. For more details see the reference documents listed in the GOME documentation and GOME-2 documentation pages.
The GDP 4.0 algorithm became operational for GOME/ERS-2 in 2004 after an independent geophysical validation [D. Balis et al. (2007)] showed that the average agreement of GDP 4.0 with correlative ozone column measurements was at the "percent level", that is, comparable to the precision level of ground-based sensors. GDP 4.0 became operational for SCIAMACHY/ENVISAT in 2006.
Further algorithm development was performed in the framework of EUMETSAT O3M-SAF where GDP 4.5 is the current operational algorithm for GOME-2/MetOp-A.
Remark: In the region of the Southern Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), the GOME-2 satellite instrument is subject to an increased particle flux which creates spurious signals in individual detectors resulting in a reduced quality of the retrieved GOME-2 trace gas columns, i.e. increased scatter in trace gas columns over South America and the Southern Atlantic.

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GDP 4.x for total ozone retrieval is being developed by scientists from BIRA, RTS, AUTH and DLR and is funded by ESA, EUMETSAT O3M-SAF and national contributions.
The members of the GDP 4 Team are:
• BIRA: Michel Van Roozendael, Christophe Lerot, Jean-Christopher Lambert
• RTS: Rob Spurr
• AUTH: Dimitris Balis, MariLiza Koukouli
• DLR: Diego Loyola, Pieter Valks, Nan Hao, Walter Zimmer
Special acknowledgments to Claus Zehner (ESA) for supporting the GDP 4 and GDP 5 projects and to Yakov Livschitz (now EUMETSAT) for the initial development of the UPAS system.

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