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The operational NO2 tropospheric column products are generated using the algorithm GDP (GOME Data Processor) version 4.x for NO2 [Valks et al. (2011)]. integrated into the UPAS (Universal Processor for UV/VIS Atmospheric Spectrometers) processor for generating level 2 trace gas and cloud products.
The total NO2 column is retrieved from GOME solar backscattered measurements in the visible wavelength region using the DOAS method.
An additional algorithm is applied to derive the tropospheric NO2 column: after subtracting the estimated stratospheric component from the total column, the tropospheric NO2 column is determined using an air mass factor based on monthly climatological NO2 profiles from the MOZART-2 model.
A description of the tropospheric NO2 algorithm and validation is given in the reference listed in the GOME-2 documentation pages.
Remark: In the region of the Southern Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), the GOME-2 satellite instrument is subject to an increased particle flux which creates spurious signals in individual detectors resulting in a reduced quality of the retrieved GOME-2 trace gas columns, i.e. increased scatter in trace gas columns over South America and the Southern Atlantic.

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GDP 4.x for total and tropospheric NO2 retrieval is being developed by scientists from DLR, IUP (Univ. of Bremen) and BIRA and is funded by ESA, EUMETSAT O3M-SAF and national contributions.
Contributors to the NO2 algorithm for GOME and GOME-2 are:
• BIRA: Michel Van Roozendael, Jean-Christopher Lambert, Gaia Pinardi
• DLR: Pieter Valks, Diego Loyola, Nan Hao, Walter Zimmer, Sunil Kumar Emmadi
• IUP: Hendrik Nüss, Andreas Richter

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